Kantoor met Smart bureaustoelen


A smart chair

Kantoor met Smart bureaustoelen

An ergonomic office chair where you can adjust everything from armrests to the seat and pelvic lumbar support. But that's not all, with this office chair you go in no time from a static to an active dynamic sitting position. A smart move, this Smart office chair.


Which means this office chair is very flexibly adjustable and provides the maximum comfort. What functions it has and how to adjust it? Find out here in the instruction video.

Kantoorruimte, bureaustoelen


Bureau, bureaustoel, akoestische panelen



Bureau, bureaustoel, ladeblok


How do I adjust my ergonomic office chair?

Whether you work at home or in an office, good sitting posture is important. It ensures that you work pleasantly and comfortably without backache or neck strain. You can achieve an ergonomically correct sitting posture in a few simple steps.

You can see the steps in the user manual at the downloads above or via this video.


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