Ergonomische groene stoel voor in de zorgsector
What we do Interior solutions for the healthcare sector

Interior solutions for the healthcare sector

At Drisag, discover the art of thoughtful interior solutions in the healthcare sector. With a perfect balance between functionality and comfort, our design and production team puts a strong focus on safety and hygiene. As a result, we create unique spaces that meet the highest standards.

Ergonomische groene stoel voor in de zorgsector

Interior experience in healthcare

At Drisag, we believe in the power of thoughtful interior design to not only create physical spaces, but also to have a positive impact on the state of mind and recovery of residents in the care sector.

Our interior solutions are designed with the well-being of residents as the top priority. Colours, textures and layouts are carefully chosen to create an environment that promotes calm and encourages positive moods. At Drisag, we believe that a pleasant environment is essential for creating a supportive and healing atmosphere.

stoelen voor in de zorgsector

Hygiene and cleanability

Our materials are carefully selected to combine seamlessness with easy cleaning. This ensures not only a hygienic environment, but also durability that stands the test of time. Thus, we create a healthy environment that is essential for the well-being of both patients and healthcare staff.

Some key properties of fabrics we specially selected for the healthcare sector:

- Antibacterial
- Cleanable with bleach
- Fire-retardant
- Stain-resistant
- Waterproof
- Resistant to chemical stains

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Welcome to Drisag, where interiors care.

Acoustics and tranquillity

Sound plays a crucial role in patients' well-being. We use sound-damping materials to minimise noise pollution, creating a quiet environment conducive to healing and a comfortable stay.

All upholstered solutions help create pleasant acoustics. But we also have specific interior solutions such as upholstered free-standing partitions, wall or ceiling panels. But our playful and durable felt is also ideal for this purpose. This is how to create a pleasant environment for residents, visitors and care staff.

Akoestiek verbeteren in zorginstellingen

Ergonomic comfort and inclusive design

At Drisag, we embrace ergonomics as a core principle in our healthcare interiors. Every piece of furniture and every room is designed with a focus on comfort and functionality. As a result, we support caregivers with an optimal working environment and residents enjoy an ergonomic and inclusive setting. We provide a utilitarian setting that promotes health and enhances the care experience. Welcome to a world where ergonomics and inclusiveness come together.

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