Bureau met akoestische scheidingswanden Fency

The soundtrack to a successful office life

Office acoustics are the silent force behind a productive, healthy and pleasant work environment.

At Drisag, we understand that a harmonious work environment begins with sound. Our acoustic solutions are designed to restore sound balance so you can work, communicate and create without distraction.

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Bureau met akoestische scheidingswanden Fency

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For these organizations, we created an oasis of calm in the office jungle

Tips and tricks for optimal office acoustics?

Focuspod uit grijs en geel vilt

Tip Welzijn Akoestiek

The secret to focus in a world full of distractions

It's time to rid yourself of all the peripheral issues. We give you the tips and...

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Zit-sta bureau, kantoor, medewerkers, bureaustoel


How does office design contribute to employee happiness

There is no denying that employees are a company’s most valuable resource. Happy...

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gestoffeerde wanden, muren van stof

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