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How does office design contribute to employee happiness

There is no denying that employees are a company’s most valuable resource. Happy employees are more productive, less sick and less likely to resign. In short, happy employees are a must. But how do your office furnishings contribute to the happiness of your employees?

24 March 2021

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How does office design contribute to employee happiness

Good sitting is not a luxury but a necessity. A healthy, responsible working posture is extremely important. An ergonomic office chair prevents many complaints through the principle of ‘moving sitting’.

The key is to find a sensible mix between moving, standing and sitting. With a desk that can be adjusted in height, you can alternate between working in a sitting and standing position. You can also print on another floor or take a stroll through/around the office building. Stretch your legs, because prolonged sitting increases the risk of chronic health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Keep on moving!

Here are some of our ergonomic solutions:
Twist and turn
With this wobble stool you can literally sit while moving. You can wobble and turn with it, but also rock back and forth. With the leather loop you can adjust the height of this stool, adjust it to your needs.
Smart office chair
An ergonomic office chair is, of course, indispensable. Our Smart office chair is NPR1813-certified, which means as much as flexibility and maximum comfort.

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Comfortable breaks and dynamic lunches

In addition to an ergonomic workplace, your employee also needs to rest. Because a relaxed employee is a profitable employee. Provide your employees with a cozy corner or coffee corner and a homely and dynamic lunch spot. A place where your employees can blow off steam, catch up with colleagues or briefly consult with others. Time for a break! A break is essential, a moment for your employees to recover. It is best not to do this alone behind your desk, but together with colleagues in a cosy space. A cozy corner or coffee corner with homely, warm colours and comfortable sofas will immediately put you in zen mode.

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Club bar stool

Charlie Lounge

Add colour to your office interior

Colours bring your office interior to life. Stimulate the creativity of your employees with inspiring colours, play with your company colours to emphasise your brand identity or use colour psychology. Orange, for example, stands for creativity, cheerfulness and friendliness. Perfect for a profitable brainstorming session or productive meeting. Blue stands for peace, tranquillity and reliability. Ideal for a lunch area or reception area. With the right colour in the right room, you create the right atmosphere.

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Investing in your employees, is investing in the future of your company

Office design plays a crucial role in the happiness of your employees. A comfortable and work-oriented climate ensures better performance and productivity. Employees need spaces where they can relax, get inspired and create atmosphere. Bring contrast to these spaces by using a healthy mix of moving, standing and sitting. But don’t forget colours, they bring your office design to life.

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