What we do @KOT: interior design for studenthousing

@KOT: interior design for studenthousing

Since 2023, Drisag has also focused on the housing market. It all started with a request to furnish containers for a humanitarian project. This soon blossomed into furnishings for student accommodation and is now expanding to furnishing expat housing and second homes.

Find out why Drisag is the ideal partner for this and let us transform your spaces into inspiring and functional living and working spaces.


Making the best use of space

Our Belgian production combines craftsmanship with advanced technologies to provide thoughtful and space-saving solutions.

Our interior designers maximise every square metre so that your space is not only stylish but also functional.

bed met opbergladen studentenkamer

Sustainable design

Sustainability is at the heart of our designs. We strive to keep your investment valuable in the long term. At Drisag, you can go for re-upholstering or replacement in case of damage, ensuring that your furnishings will always be in top condition.

We therefore provide durable furnishings because we can provide the following solutions for all our furnishings:

- re-upholstering
- recoating
- technical maintenance
- replacing parts


From rooms to extraordinary living spaces

From A to Z

At Drisag, we take full responsibility from a to z. From the production of high-quality furniture pieces to the expert installation and assembly in the rooms - we take care of everything. Our dedicated team ensures that the vision becomes reality, with attention to every detail.



From practically designed communal areas, stackable chairs and customised curtains to supplying carpets, TVs and hoovers - we offer a full bespoke service. Our flexibility and customisation make us the ideal partner for your unique projects. At Drisag, we believe in more than furniture; we work with you to create spaces that exude identity, functionality and comfort.


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