Buiten werken met de ideale inrichting

Get inside to outside

You can do a lot of tasks outside, too. So get some fresh air in that renewed outdoor space.

Not only the lunch break is spent outside nowadays, but brainstorming, short consultations or even a client visit can take place outside, provided of course that the right equipment is used. Wondering how best to approach such an outdoor space? Check it out below.

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Buiten werken met de ideale inrichting

Tips and tricks for an ideally designed outdoor space?

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Inspiration Milieu Welzijn

Comfortable outdoor working in three tips

Employers are becoming more flexible. Working in the office is no longer a must....

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Buitenmeubilair zwarte tafel en rode Johan en Johanson stoelen van Drisag

Tip Take a break Welzijn

Why an outdoor space in the office is beneficial?

A nice outdoor space is important, even in the office. More and more offices are...

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