Focusruimte op kantoor door Drisag
Interior Without noise disturbance

Without noise disturbance

A private room in the office, who wouldn't want it? To make loud phone calls, to have difficult conversations, to focus completely on one particular task, to listen to your favourite rock music, to hold meetings,...

Focusruimte op kantoor door Drisag

Ply Booth

We improve your concentration in the office.

A focus room is a specially designed area in the office where employees can retreat for concentrated work. It is an oasis of calm amid busy office life, equipped with ergonomic furniture and smart technology to boost productivity.

Detail focusruimte met witte tafel en ONE Stoel
Twee focusruimtes in een open kantoor
Belcel op kantoor door Drisag

Stttt... This is where brilliant ideas mature

Silent ventilation

For fresh air and bright ideas.

Modular design

For a model that always fits in your office.

Power outlets and USB ports

So that you never run out of 'juice'.

Acoustic walls

For the peace and quiet you need.

Furnish as you wish

Working, meeting, brainstorming, ..;

Soundproof glass

For natural light and therefore better concentration.

That is why you choose Drisag

Expert interior advice

Interior specialists, project advisors, Professionals: we all listen to your interior wishes. We give you expert interior advice, adapted to the needs of your company. From inspiration to installation: we guide you in making the right choices.

Our eye for sustainability

Our experts produce only the best quality. From design to realisation, with an eye on safety, respect and sustainability. Drisag is therefore recognised with valuable ISO and FSC certificates.

Purely Belgian production

Our products are Belgian and handmade in our own workshop in Herentals. We only process high-quality materials with optimal control of the entire process. This way, Drisag creates ultimate working pleasure in every space.

We created an oasis of calm in the office jungle for these organisations

vrouw wandelt door de bar met barstoelen en comfortabele stoelen en zetels op kantoor

A new building with character

After 60 years, the existing headquarters of Securex, an international HR company, was in urgent need of renovation. A new building with character replaces the old headquarters, providing the area aro...

Focuspod uit grijs en geel vilt

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