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What we do Reupholstering: Give your furniture a second life

Reupholstering: Give your furniture a second life

Get rid of disposables. We go for sustainable. With our label Drisag Again, we reupholster Drisag furniture. We give it a new, high-quality and contemporary look. In this way, we significantly extend the lifespan of our products.

Stikmachine, naaimachine, stoffen, handgemaakt

Upgrade your interior by reupholstering

We design and manufacture our furniture ourselves, making reupholstering a piece of cake. The smart designs allow us to easily disassemble, replace and reupholster any component. Enjoy the freedom to reshape your furniture without the hassle.

Stoffen op rol in groentinten

Matter for thought

In our production workshop in Herentals, we have an artisanal upholstery process. The manual work done by our colleagues here is pure craftsmanship and requires years of experience. We upholster and re-upholster practically any type of fabric in any colour on any Drisag product. This means you can always give an old or dirty piece of furniture a second life. That's cool huh!

Do you have furniture that is not Drisag and also deserves a new look. Together we will find the right solution for your product. Leave your details here.

Our sustainability mission

No empty promises.

As a Belgian family company, we are happy to push for a more sustainable business. We implement this at all levels of our business, from our circular revolution to reducing our CO2 emissions by keeping all production in Belgium to reuse and re-upholstery.

We always think further and guarantee the most sustainable choice.

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