Gebouw, bedrijfsgebouw, architectuur, gebouw Drisag
What we do Office inspirators since 1970

Office inspirators since 1970

A happy employee is a productive employee. That is what Drisag believes in. It is our motivation to create the most inspiring interior design concepts every day. This is how we make employees and entrepreneurs happy, and work to help your company grow.

Gebouw, bedrijfsgebouw, architectuur, gebouw Drisag

From workplaces to places that work

Our mission

At Drisag, we believe that the environment in which you work, live and create is critical to your well-being and performance. That is why we are committed to designing and producing functional and aesthetic furniture. Furniture that not only meets but exceeds your needs. Our mission is to create spaces that inspire, motivate and empower.

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Family business

Drisag is not just any company, it is a family story. Since 1987, our company has proudly remained in the hands of the same family - the Renders family.

In 2019, son Niek took over the management of the company from his father Ad.

"Our family tradition has not only shaped our corporate culture, but also helped build strong relationships with our customers and partners. We are proud to pass on our passion for quality and service from generation to generation, and we look forward to continuing this journey as we continue to innovate and grow. At Drisag, you are not just a customer, you are part of our extended family."

CEO-Niek Renders

50 years of expertise

With decades of experience, we understand the ins and outs of interior design and office furniture. Our talented team of designers and craftsmen work closely together to provide tailor-made solutions that fit your vision and budget. We have the knowledge and skills to make your spaces functional and beautiful.

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"We deliver job happiness and care about the planet."

Niek Renders / CEO, Drisag

How it all started


From selling parts for baby carriages to supplying parts to furniture manufacturers.


Manufacturing first office chairs. Ergonomically tested and supplier Belgian government.


Takeover by Renders family.


Develop in-house manufactured products such as the Prio table range.


Move to the legendary building next to the E313.


Investments in production such as CNC cutting machine and CNC tube laser.

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The Drisag DNA

The very best ideas
flow from an optimal environment. Drisag stimulates creativity.

The best workplace is one where your employees feel good, where they work more efficiently and think more productively.

A workplace should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. This is where Drisag likes to think along with you.

An ergonomically designed workplace can prevent a lot of discomfort and even sick leave. Choose ergonomically certified solutions with seating instructions prepared by our ergonomist.

Countless possibilities to improve the acoustics in your working environment and at the same time increase the concentration of your employees or separate desks and rooms?

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Our sustainability mission

No empty promises.

As a Belgian family company, we are happy to push for a more sustainable business. We implement this at all levels of our business, from our circular revolution to reducing our CO2 emissions by keeping all production in Belgium to reuse and re-upholstery.

We always think further and guarantee the most sustainable choice.

Read all about our sustainable choices here

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A wild idea?

Make it happen with Drisag

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