Vergaderruimte met Kana tafel en Victory stoelen

Seating pleasure reinvented

A good chair is like a good friend.

Reliable, supportive and always there when you need it. Drisag understands the power of a comfortable seating experience.

Our seating offers ultimate comfort and functionality. Whether you choose our ergonomic office chairs, versatile poufs and stools, or stylish seats, we understand the importance of comfortable seating. Our furniture pieces are designed to impress and create an oasis of comfort. Functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics come together for an optimal seating experience.

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Vergaderruimte met Kana tafel en Victory stoelen

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For these organizations, we created comfortable seating areas

vrouw wandelt door de bar met barstoelen en comfortabele stoelen en zetels op kantoor

A new building with character

After 60 years, the existing headquarters of Securex, an international HR company, was in urgent need of renovation. A new building with character replaces the old headquarters, providing the area aro...

zit/sta major vergadertafel met Multibull stoelen van Koen Vanmechelen

A minimalist interior

EBN-Tech in Lokeren transformed a run-down showroom of stoves into an office with style. They wanted to create a flexible and functional working environment with attention to privacy and acoustics. Th...

luxueuze vergaderzaal met zwarte lederen stoelen

Warm opulence

Exclusive, design & quality. These three key words best sum up this management office. Take a look inside the office of Wim Heylen of Heylen Group.