Bureaustoel Econic


Ergonomic, ecological and iconic

Bureaustoel Econic


Bureaustoel Econic
Bureaustoel Econic
New Eco

Our latest ergonomic office chair with an iconic and circular design. Which means this office chair is tested and certified according to the latest European ergonomic standards and cleverly constructed without sacrificing aesthetics.

EN 1335-2020 and ISO 24496 certified

AX office chair

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Prio sit-stand desk - Single


How do I adjust my ergonomic office chair?

Whether you work at home or in an office, good sitting posture is important. It ensures that you work pleasantly and comfortably without backache or neck strain. You can achieve an ergonomically correct sitting posture in a few simple steps.

You can see the steps in the user manual at the downloads above or via this video.

Some realisations with Econic

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Serenity and trust

Creating a pleasant environment where patients feel at ease. That is what the doctors at doctor's practice De Kern had in mind. We made the whole picture fit together like a puzzle piece. How?

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A minimalist interior

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A homely and warm interior at Inimco

Refresh an existing office building to a homey and warm atmosphere. That was the goal of Inimco. Read below how we transformed this office interior into a cozy and functional workplace.

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