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Realizations Serenity and trust

Serenity and trust

Creating a pleasant environment where patients feel at ease. That is what the doctors at doctor's practice De Kern had in mind. We made the whole picture fit together like a puzzle piece. How?

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"At De Kern, patients should feel at ease in peace and comfortable."

Marc Van Duffel / general practitioner, De Kern huisartsenpraktijk

A warm interior with antibacterial fabrics

For the newly built medical practice De Kern building, we created a unique interior. A place where every space is used as functionally as possible.

The interior is soothing with carefully selected fabrics because in a doctor's office, this obviously has to be washable and antibacterial. The color choice is more on the warm side because patients should feel welcome.

bureau dokterspraktijk met ergonomische bureaustoel en twee bezoekerstoelen

A waiting area where waiting doesn't take long

We chose a quiet environment where at the same time a connection with the practice can be felt. This is reassuring for the patient and will have a positive influence on the consultation. The classic chairs in the waiting room have been replaced by comfortable waiting benches. These offer more flexibility and comfort. Unlike chairs that often slide back and forth, a bench cannot be moved. This brings more peace and order to the waiting room.

In collaboration with Baeken Bart – Architects in Motion

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BeA Bench

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Factory Labo & production chairs

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No labyrinth of corridors

Thanks to clear signage, you won't get lost at this doctor's office. Strong indoor signage is a must to create a pleasant experience for your patients and visitors. Our pictograms are not only clear but also aesthetically strong and made from recycled felt or leather.

mooie signalisatie uit vilt en leder
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