Afbeelding van landschap met bomen

Because we care

On sustainability mission

Our sustainability mission is clear: we aim to minimise our environmental footprint and create products and solutions that contribute to a healthy, green future. We understand that sustainability is an integral part of modern business and we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility.

Local impact


Belgian manufacturing

We produce high-quality local products. In this way, we guarantee a long life of every Drisag product. Our interior concepts are delivered directly from the factory in Herentals to the end customer. This greatly reduces the transport factor and its negative impact on the environment. Especially when compared to foreign suppliers.

Pure Belgian craftsmanship

An in-house production workshop means full control and this allows us to keep our ecological footprint small. In the backyard of our showroom in Herentals is Drisag's production workshop. Many interior solutions come to life here every day. There, our colleagues process metal tubes, wooden carcasses and various fabrics into finished office chairs, tables and much more.

"Everyone who walks through the factory is always amazed by the amount of manual work that is still being done."

Niek Renders / CEO, Drisag

Energy efficiency


Green energy

We strive for energy efficiency in all our facilities. Thanks to the solar panel farm on the roof of our production, we get as much as 50% of our energy use from renewable sources. This means that the electricity we use to manufacture our products and keep our facilities running comes from clean and sustainable solar energy. It is an important milestone in our journey towards a greener future, and we continue to strive for further improvements in this area.

The circular revolution

When building new products, our product development always thinks about reusing different materials. For example, our latest office chair Econic is 100% circularly constructed. Thanks to this clever construction, components can easily be replaced or recycled. A challenge for our product development team, but one they enjoy sinking their teeth into. And this is not only the case for new products. The construction of existing interior concepts is also regularly evaluated, reconsidered and adjusted.

3 personen aan het werk in de productie ven drisag

"The products we produce today are the components of tomorrow."

Isaac de Mulder / Product development, Drisag


2576 Products

No fewer than 2576 products have been given a new look over the past five years. In our production workshop in Herentals, we have a traditional upholstery process. The manual work done by our people here is pure craftsmanship and requires years of experience. We upholster and reupholster practically any type of fabric in any colour on any Drisag product. This means you can always give an old or dirty piece of furniture a second life.

Fabric for thought

By keeping production in our own hands, we guarantee that as few raw materials as possible are wasted. For this purpose, we have tools at our disposal that minimise losses. But if we do end up with larger remnants, we always look for new ways to process them. Like recovering carefully sorted offcuts of furniture fabrics in acoustic wall panels, Ecoustipads and in our mascot Barry. An ecological solution that also works decoratively and acoustically at the same time.

Certificates and approvals

Drisag is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. This means that we care about the environment and the quality of our actions. We strive for continuous improvement. Furthermore, we only work with wood that is FSC certified. This means that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

bar op kantoor met barstoelen en lounge zetels

sustainable entrepreneurship


We reupholster any Drisag product in practically any type of fabric and colour.

Circular economy

Reuse of different materials in new products and existing interior concepts.


Not only do we create new products, we also give older models or parts a second life.

Waste reduction

Deploy all resources as best as possible and if there are large residues, deploy them as they are.

Local products, long life

We produce high-quality local products. Straight from our factory to the end customer

Sustainable choices

Sustainable choices are important not only in our interior design concepts, but also on the shop floor during day-to-day activity.

Productie, poedercoaten, metalen onderstel

Looking for sustainable solutions made by professionals?

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