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Comfortable outdoor working in three tips

Employers are becoming more flexible. Working in the office is no longer a must. We choose where and when we work. As long as the results are there. Do you prefer to work at home, in the office, in a co-working place or in that coffee bar around the corner. The possibilities are endless. Why not choose to work outside? Do you spend 8 hours a day inside working with artificial lighting and little daylight? For many people, this is a daily reality. Yet working outside does not have to be difficult. With these three practical tips, you can create the perfect outdoor workplace.

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7 September 2021

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1. Work outdoors without annoyances

The number one irritation of outdoor workers is reflections of the sun on your screen. Optimise your laptop for outdoor use. This is easy by turning on the privacy filter on your screen. Set the brightness as high as possible. This way you will see your own reflection as little as possible. Next step is to install a sunshade so your laptop is in the shade. A Deskbooth is good against the sun. It does wonders for the acoustics. Background noise is reduced. More privacy is a nice bonus.

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2. Outdoor furniture that is easy to maintain

The success of your outdoor work session depends largely on the location. Don’t make it too hard on yourself by plopping down in the grass with your laptop. Apart from the fact that this is not a convenient working position, you have to take into account moisture in your laptop and insects crawling over your feet and taking your concentration away. Rather enjoy the fresh air on an outdoor soft bench that you can leave outside anytime during the summer months. The Inside Out outdoor furniture is ideal for the office garden. More comfort means more time spent in your outdoor office.

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3. The perfect outdoor workspace is one with good WIFI connection

Stay connected. Are you working in the sun in optimal conditions? Don’t forget your colleagues at the office. Make sure you have a stable WiFi connection and switch on your mobile phone. Make sure all apps work. Also remember a charged battery, an extension lead or a portable battery.

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