Bureau voor studenten
Realizations Making every student feel at home

Making every student feel at home

To create a dorm that feels like home to students. That was the goal. We transformed an existing building into a place with a homely and warm atmosphere, perfect for students looking for comfort and coziness.

Bureau voor studenten

Two unique styles, one goal: comfort and coziness

Our student rooms are decorated in two unique styles that reflect diverse preferences. The frivolous and cheerful rooms shine with colors such as salmon pink, ochre yellow and beige. A wooden desktop, beige Econic desk chair and round carpet add a playful touch to the space.

In the bolder rooms, shades of blue create a robust look. A double bed with light blue felt drawers and a desk with wooden top and black desk chair enhance this effect. Thanks to our ability to paint and upholster furniture, we effortlessly respond to any style and atmosphere.

Moodboard studentenkamer
Moodboard studentenkamer

Smart solutions in dorm rooms

When designing these spaces, we incorporated smart solutions to keep the rooms practical and uncluttered. The drawers under the bed provide additional storage space, while the playful Notes coat rack helps keep the room tidy. The sturdy Atlas desk offers ample space for study and work, creating an organized and peaceful environment.

Notes kapstok studentenkamer
opberglade bed studentenkamer
Studentenkamer met bed en rond tapijt

Acoustics and comfort: perfect for louder students

Good acoustics are crucial, especially for louder students. Therefore, we used carpets, felt headboards and felt bulletin boards that absorb sound. This not only creates a quieter environment, but also contributes to the comfort and well-being of the occupants.

Our goal is to create an open and creative environment that promotes students' mental well-being. We are proud of the atmosphere we have created, and the fact that all our furniture is produced in Belgium.

prikbord pinboard studentenkamer
bed met opbergladen studentenkamer

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