Collaborations with architects

Inspiration is personal. That is why the possibilities at Drisag are endless.

Because we believe in the power of collaborations, we have been working with architects and designers for years. This results in an interplay of creativity and experience. This is how we create unique interior solutions for every project.


Product ranges

From desk chairs to sit-stand desks.


Accent colours

The right atmosphere for every room.


Materials & fabrics

From trendy teddy to washable leather.

What can you ask us?

  • Come and test-sit in our showroom. Immerse yourself in our unique interiors and see the furniture in person. Choose the right fabrics, colours and textures.
  • Project support: come and discuss current projects.
  • Bespoke solutions: Drisag can offer customised solutions specifically tailored to a project's needs. This can include designing and manufacturing custom-made furniture to meet the unique requirements of an architectural design.
  • Sustainability: Drisag can offer sustainable furniture options that meet environmental standards and contribute to green design solutions. This can be important for architects striving for sustainability in their designs.
  • Request .dwg files of multiple products.

Moodboard met viltstalen aan Prio zit-sta bureau


We are the connecting factor, a discussion partner in a network of creatives, innovators, product developers. Drisag is the link that creates new initiatives and insights. We have the conversation about tomorrow today.


Drisag advises architects, interior architects, project managers and building professionals in various phases of interior projects. Drisag is the knowledge centre in the field of materials, circular solutions, ergonomics, new technology, tendering, design co-creation and product development. Drisag responds proactively to questions from the markets and has its own team of product developers and interior architects. Together, we create tailor-made solutions, which can even lead to a product range.

Interieurarchitecten die stoffen uitkiezen bij Drisag

That is why you choose Drisag

Expert interior advice

Interior specialists, project advisors, Professionals: we all listen to your interior wishes. We give you expert interior advice, adapted to the needs of your company. From inspiration to installation: we guide you in making the right choices.

Our eye for sustainability

Our experts produce only the best quality. From design to realisation, with an eye on safety, respect and sustainability. Drisag is therefore recognised with valuable ISO and FSC certificates.

Purely Belgian production

Our products are Belgian and handmade in our own workshop in Herentals. We only process high-quality materials with optimal control of the entire process. This way, Drisag creates ultimate working pleasure in every space.

These architects and designers preceded you:


Bram Boo



Sander Mulder

Carat light, Shingle, Leaf, Hunebed


Inge Van Gheel

Many Floors


Stefan Schöning

San Pedro


Studio Yonoh

Lunar, Industry sofa


Studio Segers



Koen Vanmechelen



Lieven Achtergael

BeA Bench


Stéphane Beel

BeA Bench


Sam Goyvaerts

Tree D


Studio Jan Jannes



Robin van Helvoort


Start a creative dialogue

Do you have an idea or would you like to express your creativity as a designer in a new project? Combine your vision with our knowledge and create a unique concept with us.

Moodboard, stoffen, texturen, interieurarchitect

Combine your vision with our knowledge and create a unique concept with us.