bureauruimte met ergonomische bureaustoelen en scheidingswanden
Realizations A sustainable transformation at ACB Tax Consult

A sustainable transformation at ACB Tax Consult

A project bursting of sustainable choices, where existing furniture was cleverly reused. The result? A unique mix of old and new elements that give the office an authentic look.

bureauruimte met ergonomische bureaustoelen en scheidingswanden

Sustainability first

An important aspect of this project was sustainability. ACB Tax Consult is already a valued client of ours, and we wanted to make sure we made the most of their existing furniture in our new design. Therefore, we recovered the chairs by reupholstering them. This created not only a sustainable solution, but also a unique blend of recovered and new elements that give the office a sense of authenticity.

moodboard kleuren bakstenen hout stof

Corporate identity & acoustics

The colors of the corporate identity, green and orange, were central to the design of ACB Tax Consult's office. These colors are playfully reflected in the interior, creating a seamless visual integration with ACB Tax Consult's logo.

To ensure privacy and acoustic separation in the hallway, we chose felt panels. These panels not only provide effective separation, but also fit perfectly with the overall design. The use of felt panels allowed us to combine functionality with aesthetics, creating a harmonious and stylish environment.

kantoorruimte bureaus computerschermen bureaustoelen



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One of the main objectives of this project was to create a homey, warm and inviting work environment. Thus, ACB Tax Consult has become an office where you can experience work satisfaction to the fullest.

To achieve this, we integrated carefully selected furniture and accessories that contribute to a cozy atmosphere. By using warm colors, comfortable seating and decorative elements such as lighting.

bureau met ergonomische bureaustoel


gang op kantoor met scheidingswand uit vilt


poefen of wachtbanken in een beige stof tegen een groene accentmuur

Cubo & Tubo

bureau ergonomische bureaustoel scheidingswanden

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