3 personen aan het werk in de productie ven drisag
What we do Partner for development and production

Partner for development and production

Welcome to Drisag, your trusted partner for high-quality Belgian manufacturing solutions. We go beyond creating our own high-quality products; we open our doors to collaborations with other brands striving for top quality, local craftsmanship and a seamless manufacturing experience.

3 personen aan het werk in de productie ven drisag

From development to production

Drisag not only proudly produces high-quality in-house products, but also opens its doors to collaborations with other brands. Through our in-house product developers, we are also able to bring wild ideas to life. We develop your products, from sketch to tangible product. We understand the importance of synergy and are ready to work with you to create a successful product range and growth for your brand.

schetsen en ontwikkelen van producten in groene stoel

Local production partner for metalworking, assembly and upholstery

In-house production in Herentals

Whether it is precision metalworking, precise assembly or sophisticated upholstery, at Drisag we have the technical expertise to meet your unique manufacturing needs. Our flexibility makes us your one-stop shop for various manufacturing processes.

A brief list of which techniques you can turn to us for:

- Upholstering, from cushions to acoustic panels and sofas
- CNC cutting machine for fabric and felt
- Tube processing
- Powder coating
- Spot welding
- Pont welding
- CNC tube laser
- Collet bending of hollow and solid tubes
- Robotic welding
- Assembling

CNC snijmachine om vilt en stoffen te snijden in ons productie-atelier te herentals

Local advantages

Our production unit is located in Belgium, which means you benefit from minimal transport costs and short communication lines. We believe in the power of local craftsmanship and offer a production environment where efficiency and speed go hand in hand.

Whether you are an established brand looking for a local production partner or a start-up needing expertise to bring ideas to life, you have come to the right place at Drisag. We strive to keep production processes running smoothly, whether prototypes, small batches or large-scale production.

Productiemedewerker in ons productie-atelier te herentals

Working with Drisag for your development and production needs?

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities and start on the road to successful manufacturing.