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How to organize working from home?

In some professions it’s part of the job, but for most of us working from home comes as a new challenge. Whether you work from home just by yourself or with children around, the layout of your workplace is very important. What’s the best way to tackle this?

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25 March 2020

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Create your own workplace

Working in the sofa is a no-go, at the dining table is fine, but a separate office space is the best approach. In a smaller house or apartment a separate work area can be created. Do you already have a home office with desk? Great! Then arrange it the way you do at work. Remove all distractions and make it functional so you can leave all your stuff behind at the end of the working day.

Think green

When all distractions are removed, think about adding one or more indoor plants. Plants are ideal partners in crime. They provide better air purification, more focus and less stress.

A healthy working posture

It’s possible to create an ergonomic workplace at home? Go for a quality office chair that provides the ideal working posture. Fine tune all its possible levers and buttons (read more about this in next week’s blog post) and start working without distractions. Do you prefer working while standing? Then opt for a in height-adjustable desk.

No colleagues means no distractions?

Working from homes means there are no colleagues around making loud phone calls or chatting a lot. So you can keep on working without too many distractions. But that might be too quiet for you? Turn on some music. Enjoy the fact that now you’re the only one choosing which radio station or band is on. The choice is all yours!

Return home

Work at home like you do at work. When your day’s work is done, turn off your computer! That way the balance between work and private life is preserved. Come ‘home’ as usual and tell your housemates about your working day. Enjoy the cozy evenings.

Have fun at work!

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