groene kantoorruimte met veel planten
Realizations Frivolous touches of nature

Frivolous touches of nature

Eduards Trailer Factory located in Lommel is a company specialised in the development of trailers for the most diverse sectors. With a team of over 100 people, they are working every day to provide a fast and good service. Eduards is continuously looking for the needs of end users. With large and small innovations, they go far in providing customised solutions. It is a unique company that consciously opts for a unique interior. Curious about the story behind the interior?

groene kantoorruimte met veel planten

From moodboard to realization

Creating the right atmosphere and experience is key. Matching the company values with the interior. That was the mission! But also putting the employees first. Because everyone should feel welcome in the office. So the briefing was not a stereotypical gray look but an appealing office with a homely look and feel. Below you can see how our interior designers translated this into stunning 3D drawings.

Moodboard met aardse kleuren planten en texturen
industrieel kantoor, bureaus en bureaustoelen in stoere tinten
industrieel kantoor, bureaus en bureaustoelen in stoere tinten

Frivolous touches from nature

The choice of natural elements is a clear vision of the company. The presence of greenery creates a blissful feeling among employees. It makes you feel like you are outdoors and in nature. The by nature inspired color palette gives employees the peace and creativity they need to get to work productively.

bloemen en planten op kantoor

A nice mix of new and brocante

Playing with different shapes adds spice to the interior. For example, they chose to alternate the angular Victory with the rounded Charlie on wheels in exactly the same upholstery. In addition, the acoustic desk screens in felt provide a playful accent and perhaps more importantly good acoustics. Their motto is and remains: happy and healthy employees are a must. So of course height adjustable desks could not be missing.

akoestische scheidingswand op bureau


zit/sta bureau in hout met groene bureaustoel
scheidingswand uit vilt op kantoor

Love for second-hand

All this news was complemented by wonderful finds at brocantes, such as the plant pendants and the Delft blue plates on the wall. Wonderful!

Moreover, the wall panels are made from old cabinet doors. Upcycling is good for the environment and an asset to the interior. Making old stuff hip and stylish again.

Finally, carpets in the office are not common. And we would like to change that. Because they create a lot of atmosphere and give a warm and homey feel. They give your employee the feeling of coming home.

Bureau met hout blad en akoestisch bureauscherm van groen vilt


akoestische scheidingswand op bureau en bureaustoel bloemen en planten op kantoor

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