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Why a round conference table is necessary

Canadian research has shown that the geometric shape of a table determines how its users behave around it. A classic meeting room is often equipped with a rectangular table, but it appears not to be the best choice. Why? And what is the best alternative?

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4 March 2020

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Round tables for more solidarity

King Arthur already knew a round table is the best choice when it comes to meetings. Scientific research now confirms a round or oval table provides a better sense of togetherness, in contrast to a rectangular one. Colleagues gathering around these tables get the feeling of belonging to the group. Colleagues at a rectangular conference table, will identify themselves more as an individual and might lose sight of the common goal. There’s no one at the head of a round table, so all colleagues are equal.

Round tables for less discussions

Moreover, there are less discussions at round meeting tables. Everyone sits close to each other and has direct eye contact. Customers and colleagues are therefore less inclined to confront each other. Would you like a conference table that seats several people without losing the benefits of a round table? Then choose an oval table.

Do you also want less discussions at your meeting table?

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