How to relax in style at work

Take a break

In this office building in Brussels, we set up a number of relaxation areas, such as a cozy corner, a coffee corner and a lunch spot. We decorated the cozy corner with beige shades and green velvet upholstered lounge chairs. A sofa and an side table complete this seating area. We opted for calm and warm colours that immediately put you in zen mode. You can come here to blow off steam, to catch up with colleagues or to consult briefly. In short, a versatile cozy corner that invites.

In addition, the coffee corner is decorated with warm dark blue colors and shades of ochre. The coffee corner is slightly larger and we have added a few comfortable poufs. The eye-catcher in this room is the wallpaper with complementary colours. This accent wall creates a warm and homely atmosphere. Here you can enjoy your cup of coffee in peace and comfort. Just sit down and relax!

But why is all this so important? Well, a relaxed employee has higher concentration, more energy and less stress. In other words, a relaxed employee is a more productive employee.

Time to lunch

12 o’clock. Noon. Time for our lunch. Noon is the time to recharge your batteries, let off some steam and get back to work. That is why a lunch spot should be cosy and dynamic. The large open space is divided by set-ups of different heights and sizes. We alternate a few round tables with a high table with bar stools and a long dining table.

Our modular soft seating element Ply is the finishing touch that transforms this area into an ideal lunch spot for chatting with colleagues and enjoying your lunch. The high tables with bar stools are completely white and provide a nice contrast to the coloured chairs. You can literally recharge your batteries here at the handy recharging stations. If you are looking for a bit more privacy, you can sit in the cosy seating area. In short, a dynamic lunch spot with warm colours, which creates relaxation and a homely atmosphere.

Do you also want a cozy corner or a dynamic lunch spot where your employees can relax? Do not hesitate and contact us.


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