A warm welcome for Ukrainian refugees

Finding suitable and comfortable housing for a large number of people is a complex task. We were faced with the challenge of furnishing 95 housing units in Hasselt and Ghent, with the aim of creating a safe and warm environment for refugees. It was essential to ensure that the housing met the basic needs of the residents while providing a sense of home.

We assembled a dedicated team and worked closely with other involved parties to make the housing of Ukrainian refugees a reality. First, we went back to the drawing board. Because a bed was obviously not in our standard product portfolio. For this, our team of product developers quickly shifted gears. Starting from our existing office furniture, in no time they designed double beds, bunk beds and a domestic sofa.

In recent years, we see a lot of overlap between office furniture and home interior design. The office has become a lot more homely and warm with earthy tones and organic shapes. Therefore, it was not difficult for our interior designers to put together the right color palette and create a warm home.

The need for safe and temporary housing remains worldwide. Whether for refugees as well as students. Let’s continue to work together to create opportunities and make new homes a reality for those in need. Together, we can build a world where no one has to live without safe shelter.

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