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The story of our mascot, Barry

Why Drisag chose a mascot?
Mascots perform essentially the same function as logos. Both are a unique visual identity of a company, product or service. This makes it a kind of feature for the public that is easily remembered and recognised. Barry represents Drisag and complements our image.

Barry, the cuddly dog
For the choice of our mascot Barry, we did not take any chances. Drisag’s core values are reflected in Barry. So we ended up with Barry the dog.

A dog is loyal. It attaches itself to one person, with whom it works quickly and well. Drisag goes for long-term customer relationships. One-to-one. Where open communication and listening to each other is key.
Dogs are happy animals. Our mission is to facilitate job satisfaction. After all, you are much more productive when you enjoy being on the shop floor.

The most reliable animal of all are our four-legged friends. With more than 50 years of expertise, Drisag is an established name in the furniture industry. We are a family business that strives for quality and trust.

Like our furbabies, Drisag is guarded. Rest assured, we don’t bark when you visit our showroom. However, we do develop and produce our furniture in our backyard, Herentals. As a result, we watch over the entire production process. And we guarantee high-quality and durable products. Barry, for instance, is an upholstered dog made with furniture fabric trimmings. Available in several sizes.  Acoustic, ecological and beautiful to look at.

Productieproces mascotte barry

Barry as a good luck charm, mood creator and icebreaker.
Did you know that a mascot used to be considered a kind of good luck charm for a team, a brand or a company. Through Barry, we spread happiness and positivity little by little. So in the Drisag showroom, Barry’s are scattered here and there. We regularly let them fly. (Check our instagram page @drisagofficeinspirators) Job satisfaction guaranteed.

After reading our blog, do you also want a mascot made from residuals? Have a chat with us.
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