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Akoestiek 24 October 2022

The secret to focus in a world full of distractions

Have you ever felt that your working day felt very busy? You were constantly switching between your inbox, pointless meetings and notifications from group chats. When you then look back on your day, do you feel like you were really productive or just … busy? In short: did you get any closer to your long-term goals? If not, it’s time to change your approach. It’s time to rid yourself of all the peripheral issues. We give you the tips and tools for more concentration, focus and job satisfaction.

1. Turn off your notifications
Pling – You’ve got mail. Or is it pling – gone concentration? Recognisable, isn’t it? Just when you’re in the right flow, you get a notification. An email, message, the group chat or a social media notification that suddenly snatches you out of your concentration. Start with a few scheduled moments to check your mails and then switch off your notifications and put your mobile phone away. Working efficiently near your mobile phone is difficult. Let’s face it. We all know what it’s like to spend half an hour or more on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.
“I need to be up to date with the latest trends”. Yes, but very soon you switch from interior design trends to cat videos and forget why you were scrolling again.

2. Find the silence. 
One colleague likes to be quiet as a mouse, the other prefers to work to the beats of heavy metal, yyeeaah 🤘🏼.
Put on your headphones or sit separately in a focus room for an hour. Make clear agreements with colleagues. “Won’t you disturb me when I have my headphones on?”

3. Keep moving
When you exercise regularly, you are more alert, productive and stress-resistant, and your job satisfaction increases. Exercise is twice as fun when you do it together with your colleagues. Fun guaranteed! And you also build the working atmosphere, team spirit and image of your company. Invest in a sit-stand desk. Moving around prevents a lot of physical complaints. You break through your static working posture, which in time
can be very stressful and harmful. Good for the mind and good for your health.


4. Minimise multitasking for maximum concentration
The game of maintaining focus is actually quite simple: if you switch you are off. To-do lists are a must. As is realistic planning. First, write down all tasks in no particular order so that your head is clear and all tasks are on paper. Divide big tasks into subtasks that you can finish one by one. Keep it real and up to date.

5. Take breaks
You can’t work all day! Working too long is unproductive and detracts from your productivity and creativity. A short break every 1.5 to 2 hours is perfect to take your mind off things. Don’t relax in the same environment as where you work . Give your brain that little rest and only relax in places that are really meant to relax you. That way you can fly in extra hard afterwards.

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