Vintage networking, working and meeting

Event space

The dark colors in this event space immediately give you a warm welcome. You feel at home and networking will go very smoothly. In this multipurpose space, flexibility is key. The tables can be easily folded and rolled aside. The dark wood print and the chrome finish on both the tables and chairs add a stylish touch.

Private offices

The various office spaces are equipped with ergonomic office furniture. For optimal seating comfort we chose the Smart office chair. For the first time we lacquered some of the frames of our sit/stand desks in a color. And we don’t mean the standard white or black, but rusty brown. This has such a big impact on the whole atmosphere and experience of the office. Don’t you think?

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms were also immersed in luxury with quality leathers, marble and wood print. The fresh and light feel promotes productivity. As in the event rooms, everything is finished in chrome for a stylish accent. A clear wink to the sixties.

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Coworking space: Frame 21 Brussels Airport
Photos: Studio Caphca
Architect & interior architect: Wilma Wastiau

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