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Prio A

Smart choices for a solid image

Cronos gives great importance to refined office furnishings. They indicated from the beginning that they wanted to work with beautiful and contemporary materials. The meeting rooms were furnished with our leather-upholstered Omega chairs and we placed Smart office chairs in a similar color in the office space. Unity and tranquility were created in the workplace. Completely right up our street! An essential element here is the Prio table with its distinctive oak tops. High-quality office furniture is the aesthetic signature of your company. All these distinctive choices lead to a solid image.

Spacious sense during educational training

Not only the office spaces were addressed, but also the training areas and the cafeteria. A training room is best set up casually and with a lot of light. We achieve this with the Laurel & Hardy chairs with a thin wire frame. The space looks fresh and the courses can take place in a pleasant and comfortable environment. By using fresh and light colors, the students remain alert for a longer time. It has a noticeable influence on the mood. And you’ll have to admit, it makes you happy.

The lunch room is located next to the training room. Because of to the light furniture in the training room, the sunlight reaches the heart of the company. It is also very important that this kind of spaces look completely different from the workplaces. That way employees are able to withdraw completely and relax.

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