Securex chooses a stylish office interior with Drisag

Facts and Figures

The new building of no less than 6,600 square meters offers a lot of possibilities. On the ground floor, for example, there is a reception area with waiting furniture, counters and a large kitchen with pleasantly furnished lunch areas. The other 5 floors contain a whopping 450 workplaces. The large landscape offices are broken up by 18 Ply Booth Midis. Here one can retreat when there is a need for good acoustics during a zoom call or for supreme concentration. On each floor, there is also room for a meeting room, a small lunch area with bar and a red hidden room.

Harmonious reception area

When you walk into Securex, you feel that it is one with the outside. The use of the same outdoor tiles and the large windows create an open feeling and lots of light. Nature is literally drawn in here. A good first impression is made here with private and stylish waiting furniture. This furniture provides the space with the necessary acoustics.

Meetings and relaxation

The meeting rooms are immersed in white and beige tones complemented by natural wooden materials. Long white curtains along the window section with the corridor provide the tactile and necessary privacy here. On the executive floor, that meeting space gets an even more luxurious edge with the Speak meeting table with black legs and comfortable swivel chairs.

In the same color palette as the meeting rooms, the lunch areas and cozy spaces are decorated. Different seats, lounge chairs and even bar stools are alternated with each other. This way you get a playful and cozy space that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Hidden red rooms

To escape from all those 450 workplaces, two hidden rooms have been created. On the outside it just looks like a big bookcase. But inside you will find a cozy moody atmosphere. The red carpet, the lack of daylight and the red upholstered chairs create this mood. These warm colors create a pleasant place, where you can consult with colleagues or customers in peace.

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