Polydak gives office interior a boost

Colouring outside the lines

We boosted the sober office interior, which consisted mainly of grey tones, with inspiring and cheerful colours. Inspiring colours that stimulate the creativity of your employees. Perfect for productive brainstorming sessions and profitable meetings. Cheerful colours to stimulate job satisfaction. Happy colours mean happy employees!

The best example of this is their conference room. A large, light room with a table in the middle, decorated with our Club chairs. No grey, neutral colours here but funky colours like yellow, red and blue. These colours are deliberately chosen. They reinforce Polydak’s brand identity. A cheerful place where no doubt productive meetings will take place. With the right colour in the right room, you can create the right atmosphere.

With Drisag you are on the right track

The workplaces are equipped with ergonomic office chairs and height-adjustable desks. An ergonomic office chair is of great importance for a healthy and responsible sitting posture. In addition, a healthy mix between moving, standing and sitting is a must. The sit-stand desks provide healthy variation. Prolonged sitting in the same position is detrimental to both your health and performance. Variety is the message.

Privacy and focus

The office is often a busy place. In order to be able to work in peace and quiet in all these pressures, we have fitted their desks with deskscreens. These acoustic partition walls create a quiet workplace. Two first class seats at the back of the office provide the necessary privacy. A place where employees can catch up undisturbed or have short discussions. With acoustics you create an oasis of calm, where your employees can work in peace and privacy.

Polydak’s office interior has been given an ergonomic but above all colourful boost. These new, ergonomic elements and inspiring, cheerful colours increase productivity and ensure greater job satisfaction.

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