Public Notary Schaeken & Vanhencxthoven

A light and airy interior

This atmosphere is not only determined by the looks, but also by the acoustics. A quiet environment stimulates optimal results. Something that is crucial in a notary firm. Schaeken & Venhencxthoven renovated their office with a view to improving acoustics. The open space, with a dozen employees, needed lighter furniture, a functional layout and the right acoustic solutions. Acoustics

Everywhere acoustics

The ideal solution started with two large office islands, with ample space for every employee. Soft acoustic panels, from the tables to the walls and ceiling, bring peace and quiet to the room. The green colour creates a serene atmosphere. The reception desk was also taken care of by Drisag. It was upholstered in the same fabrics as the rest of the project for an impeccable result.’

Applied solutions


Whispers in the walls

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