De Heyde, Hansen Uitvaartverzorging

Home away from home

At emotional moments of loss you only want one thing: warmth and comfort. Funeral Directors Hansen wants to break with the static church look of funeral homes, and radiate homeliness. That’s why we spent plenty of time exploring the right colours and materials. That’s how we created pleasant spaces, which are not too cold, but not too colourful either. A place where, despite the difficult period, you still feel at ease.

Modular flexibility

just as the size of the rooms can be adjusted, the furniture also had to be flexible. That’s why we chose modular sofas, mobile poufs and stackable chairs. That way, we created not only comfortable spaces, but also flexibility. And that only has advantages. For wheelchair users, for example, who can easily move through wide corridors.

Applied solutions

Cubo & Tubo

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