Peek inside ‘The office’ of Heylen Group

Office look & feel

As soon as you step onto the soft, high-pile carpet, the luxurious feeling comes through. In the reception area, there is room for informal meetings next to the kitchen that also functions as a bar. In addition, this management office also has a meeting room that can be completely closed off with curtains to ensure sufficient privacy. The use of quality materials such as glass, leather and steel gives you the feeling of a masculine and powerful design. But in combination with the linen curtains, the soft carpets and the warm wood accents, this is quickly transformed into warm lushness. This creates a harmonious cooperation between the robust masculine design and the elegant feminine touch.

Wonderful workplaces

The clean and modern look is continued in all facets, including the workstations. These are equipped with the latest innovative gadgets, such as sit/stand desks with a thicker custom-made work surface. The stylish office chairs with high backs complete the picture. Everything you need to get to work optimally.

The softness factor

The cuddliness factor is mainly created here by the curtains and the custom-made upholstered walls. As mentioned earlier, they provide privacy, but also improved acoustics. This allows for quiet working and clear (video) meetings. In this office, the choice for quality was prominently made and you can feel it in everything. The hard materials in combination with the soft fabrics provide a timeless charm.

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