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Three companies in Herentals realize top project

More ambience and atmosphere

Three local players combine their knowledge and strength in this project. The bank office Fintro Verrezen in the heart of Herentals was looking for a new interior. Their goal was to get rid of the stereotypical boring look that bank offices are normally associated with. To achieve this, they partnered with the Herentals interior architects, Planet Interior. They in turn came to us to bring their creative ideas and plans to life. Read here how we achieved this.
Superbeton also goes for Drisag

Brand Identity first

Superbeton, a well-known local road construction company, had the urgent request to furnish their office building within three months. Are you feeling curious about their new offices and how our interior architects took their daily activities into account? Read it in this blog post.
To a vibrant office life

Take a look inside Biobest

Biobest is a fast growing and successful company. For more than 30 years, they have been working in an office building of which they have recently noticed it no longer meets their needs, namely today's vibrant office life. Together with us they looked for a solution to make their office environment operational and functional. In addition, they wanted to implement the clean desk policy, but this was not possible with the current infrastructure. Read here how we made this feasible for them.
The importance of a lunchroom

A homely and cozy place to have lunch

The lunchtime break brings a moment to relax for your employees. They take time for a chat with colleagues and in the meantime enjoys a nice lunch. Work is left behind and the batteries are recharged for a productive afternoon. In short, it' s a crucial space in your office that needs attention. How to make your lunch area attractive? Read it here.
Prio A
The company’s image in the spotlight

Boost office furnishings and image

A move often requires a furniture renewal. That wasn’t any different at Cronos. They were looking for an office design that matched their image and knocked on our door. Could we help them? Definitely! Our interior architects were asked to work on the office space, flex spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms and the cafeteria. A complete makeover! Read here how we put their image in the spotlight.
Realisatiefoto van AcoustiPanel Harry Potter
Creative acoustics

Imaginative meetings

Technology company Imec, located in ‘the beacon’ in Antwerp, came up with the great idea to name every meeting room after a fictional place. The staff suggested topics and they quickly lay out a list of 100 fictional place names. Amazing, right? About 20 were selected from the list and were elaborated. What did Drisag at to this story? Read it here.
Bosman Vastgoed
From swimming pool into a real estate office

A total renovation?

That’s the kind of project we like to tackle. In collaboration with Bosman real estate, we chose to elaborate a total renovation project radiating pleasure at work. Why did we select round tables? And how did we take the corporate identity into account? You’ll read it here.
Kantoor met akoestische wanden
FAM Kontich

With attention to acoustics and colors

How do we efficiently employ several more people in the same amount of space? In this project we tackled this frequently occurring issue.
Aerts Trucks

Have a great time checking out the cars

The nicest showroom in the Bornem area with cocoon solutions and efficient workspaces. It’s not hard for a showroom to appear chilly and lifeless, but the opposite is true of Aerts Trucks, a truly pleasant place to be.

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