Inspiration 24 January 2023

Where our interior designers would put Verso

At Drisag, we believe we just launched our most versatile chair. Our interior designers love to place Verso in different spaces. You can read why and how they do this here.

  1. Verso the ideal conference chair

The seconds, minutes and hours are ticking away and meanwhile no decisions are being made. Some meetings take a frustratingly long time. Nothing more annoying than a chair that you are also uncomfortable sitting on. Good meeting chairs contribute to sitting comfort and mood. Go from difficult to productive meetings through dynamic interactions. Bye bye sleeping feet and back pain. Hello versatile Verso.
With Verso, you can play with upholstery and therefore colours. Meeting rooms and brainstorming rooms no longer have to be dusty and grey. Green is perfect for brainstorming rooms. Green creates balance, calm and relaxation through its link with nature. The environment in which you meet can have a huge impact on the resulting output. Therefore, create an optimal environment where creativity can fizzle and the imagination runs wild!

Verso vergaderstoel

  1. A good lunch break: a health boost

‘Desktop dining’: it often seems appealing. Employees think they can save time and be more productive by eating and working at the same time. Very unfortunate, because the lunch break is an ideal time to give health and wellbeing a solid boost. Companies can design the lunch environment in such a way that employees find it worthwhile to leave their workplace for lunch. A pleasant, calm environment with atmospheric furnishings, bright colours, sufficient light or beautiful lighting and some greenery can work wonders. Thanks to our wide range of washable fabrics, Verso is the ideal chair for the lunch room. When you are in conversation with a colleague, you can turn towards each other in a snap to catch up.

Verso bureaustoel

  1. Flexworking the way to go

Flexi-workstations have been hot and happening for a long time. A flex workplace is a compact workspace used by several people where any employee can log in. Don’t like sitting on the same desk chair every day with the same view? Then flexiplaces are an ideal getaway.  All workstations are used as efficiently as possible. The right furniture and layout of flexi-workstations will boost your people’s productivity.
So what is the right furniture? Something you sit on flexibly, that is easy to move around and has a trendy look and feel. -Three guesses.- Verso!

Verso bureaustoel

  1. A chair to match your home interior

Extending your own home style to your home office? You can with Verso. Endless combination thanks to the many possibilities. The tub is available in 3 colours. Black, grey and white. The seat and backrest can be upholstered in all Drisag fabrics. From sleek imitation leather to playful bouclé. You compose your own chair that fits your interior.

Do you like to get some inspiration? Come and see how we integrate Verso in our showroom. Make an appointment now.

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