Projects 13 May 2019

We’re godparents!

Drisag Office Inspirators is godparent of underprivileged children. We’re helping them to a good education.

Since last year , we have the opportunity to give underprivileged children a better future. We are godparents of several children in an English-speaking primary school in Nepal. We help them in cooperation with Cunina, a Belgian, international non-governmental development organization. Each godchild receives school materials, hot meals, a school uniform and a school bag. In addition, our contributions are used in local educational projects in Nepal, such as building new classrooms or carrying out renovations.

Every now and then, we receive mail from our godchildren. They send us letters, pictures, and drawings with personal messages. Becoming a godparent is a long-term commitment. We have an important role in the lives of certain children, we see them grow up as young adults with opportunities. Education is the key to a better future!

Do you want to help Cunina as well? You can find all information about godparenting here:

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