Fabrics 9 March 2023

What are our 3 most popular furniture fabrics?

Soft velour, a coarsely woven fabric or rather tough micro-leather? There are so many types of fabric to choose from for your new chair, office chair or sofa. We like to keep things simple. That’s why we show you our 3 most popular furniture fabrics. This will make the choice a lot easier, handy!

1. Bobby

Bouclé, literally translated loop, is a fabric with woven pieces. These woven pieces form loops to form the well-known fabric. Bobby is a very soft and flexible bouclé fabric, fire-retardant and Aqua Clean. Available in some soft shades and lovely, exuberant colours. Bobby is a trendy choice, the somewhat coarse fabric feels soft and has an elegant and luxurious look. Perfect as an eye-catcher in your interior.

2. Remix

An elegant furniture textile with exceptional colour depth. An extensive colour palette with no less than 72 sophisticated colours. Remix looks unicoloured from a distance, but reveals subtle details and colour contrasts when viewed up close. The fabric has a clean, minimalist weave and derives its vibrant play of colours from a combination of two different blended yarns, each combining up to three shades.

3. Cuzco

Cuzco is a leather-look vinyl known for its soft and luxurious feel. Cuzco has an incredibly soft touch and is easy to work with.
The colour line is very striking with traditional leather colours, versatile natural and fresh shades. A vegan Leather that is also suitable in the healthcare sector due to its antibacterial properties.

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