Projects 12 July 2019

Unique project launched at Brussels Airport

We have a small country but a lot of things to offer to our tourists. That’s why Brussels Airport and Tourism Flanders organized a unique project. Since a year, our touristic assets be presented at the airport. Travelers can enjoy the benefits for a few years in 7 gates. The project was inaugurated on 18 June 2018.

Three themes

These 3 themes are presented in the gate, gastronomy, cycling culture and Flemish Masters. You will find there a lot of unique tables, where you can charge your laptop or smartphone while watching collages of Flemish Masters. You can also take a seat at a table with top Flemish dishes such as fries with stew or applesauce with sausage to stimulate your hunger. And for the cycling fans among us, there are photos of the Koppenberg and iconic riders like Roger De Vlaeminck. Finally, the seats on the table have a shape of bicycle saddles, to make it complete.

Interactive applications

In the various experience modules, there are interactive installations that stimulate travelers to participate in a certain theme. For example, chocolate lovers can take a seat on a bench in the shape of a bar of chocolate. There are also painting frames where tourists can depict a Flemish Master and take photos.

Other travelers can get their sports hearts out by imagining themselves on the cycling stage between Flemish top cyclists Eddy Merckx and Greg Van Aevermaet. On the A-pier there is a life-size Lamb of God, who tells the story of the missing panel. The visitors are challenged to join in the search for the missing panel. And finally, on the B-pier has been installed a large wall with several paintings by Flemish Masters surrounded by moving animations.

Customer journey

The airport of Brussel is the perfect place for promoting touristic assets of Belgium. It’s an essential step in the customer journey. More than 75 million passengers expected to across this concept. It is very interesting for foreigners but also for us as Flemish inhabitants, that way we’re warmed up as ambassadors abroad. The transfer passengers, those who are only in Brussels for a transfer, may also be immersed in the Flemish culture for the first or last time.

The role of Drisag

The project consists of high-quality Belgian products. The design and production of our furniture take place in our production atelier in Herentals. So, the entire project consists of Belgian craftsmanship, from design to technology. Travelers can still enjoy the Flemish culture and the comfort of Oasis, First Class and Tubo until September 2021.

Do you want to know more about the products used in this project? Click here.

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