Environment 25 February 2021

Three ways we use our residues ecologically

Everyday we consume huge amounts of fabric and leather in our fabric production. But what if we don’t use up all the fabric on the roll? Or when some fabric remains untouched on our cutting table? Of course, we don’t let these residues go to waste. Are you curious as to how we do our bit to reduce waste?

Everything starts in our production workshop in Herentals. The CNC cutting machine we use to cut our fabrics ensures that we have as little cutting loss as possible. It always calculates the correct position of the patterns on the roll of fabric. This results in a cutting loss of only 2% to a maximum of 14%. This of course varies per product. These surplus fabrics are sorted by colour using 5 categories. But what do we do with this surplus of residual substances?

1. EcoustiPads

A first example is our acoustic wall panels made of cut-offs. They are always made from complementary colour categories. Moreover, the different panels are attached with velcro. This gives it a playful element. You can hang them in a different order at any time. Moreover, these panels can be perfectly integrated in any interior. In short, a delight to the eye and ear!

2. Barry

You already know Barry? The faithful four-legged friend of ours. He comes in different sizes and is also made of recycled waste materials. It brightens up your interior in an ecological way.

3. Nice little gadgets

We also put the smallest residues to good use. For example, we make business card holders and glasses covers. We use this as an extra gift or as a must-have in a goodie bag. Useful gadgets from Belgian production!

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