Inspiration 15 April 2020

Three ways to apply ‘social distancing’ in your workplace

We are all creatures of habit and we love social interaction. We have a chat at the coffee machine or make jokes with colleagues sitting across from us. Now we should do those things from a distance. But how do we make sure that we actually maintain a correct distance? I’d like to tell you how we handle this at Drisag.

 1. Ecological wall of leftover carpet

To guarantee a safe distance for our visitors at the reception area, we didn’t use tape as many other businesses do. We approached it differently. To ensure that a visitor and our receptionist are safely separated from each other, we installed a wall using 2 Many Floors elements. That way, no one is too close to each other at the reception desk. A nice extra, is that our ManyFloors is an ecological product because it’s made of leftover carpet strips  stacked on top of each other based on a predetermined colour code.

2. Acoustic partitions for desks

The desks of our employees are grouped in islands. Here, we install acoustic partitions in addition to the prescribed one and a half metre distance. That way we create a quiet workplace without distractions, whilst maintaining a safe distance. To separate two desks from each other, we use a more permanent partition, DeskScreen. If you prefer a moveable separation we recommend the Desk Divider or SlideScreen. Moveable or not, with a partition you automatically create a cocoon feeling. And that visibly improves concentration.

3. Shield yourself from your colleagues

Would you rather have the full experience? Then the Partition Screen is definitely something for you. This separate screen focuses on both acoustic and visual separation, so you are completely shielded from your colleagues. Moreover, it’s easy to move because of the legs or wheels underneath. It can be put anywhere you like. Would you like to mix business with pleasure? Use the screen as a bulletin board or go for other options such as a flipchart, whiteboard or TV. And for those who like to keep it minimal, our Flipboard is a must-have. A Partition Screen with flipchart. How convenient!

With or without our tips, we only have one message for you:
Keep your distance and stay safe.

Do you also want to control the ‘social distancing’
and at the same time improve the acoustics of your office?

Talk to us.

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