Inspiration 14 February 2019

The story behind Multibull

When you say Koen Vanmechelen, you think chickens.  But in 2014, the Belgian contemporary conceptual artist launched a new project called SOTWA, which means umbilical cord. In the framework of SOTWA, Koen Vanmechelen explores the benefit of cross-breeding between cattle stock in Africa, where climate change increasingly threatens the tribes’ traditional cattle herding. Fresh blood and DNA are injected into the herd, strengthening the herd’s resilience through crossbreeding. As a result, the herd offers a more viable opportunity for the future. The project was started in Tanzania where Koen Vanmechelen helped the Masaai and has already expanded to Zimbabwe.

The skin and horns of this cattle will later be returned to the artist to make works of art, such as the Multibull chairs in collaboration with Drisag Office Inspirators.  The skin is used to cover the back support and arm rests. Every chair and therefore every kind of cow or bull is combined with another leather on the seat. The designs were carefully crafted in close collaboration with Koen Vanmechelen.  The base of Multibull features a ring engraved with the identification number of the cow or bull.

And every Multibull comes with a certificate signed by Koen Vanmechelen. This limited-edition collection consists of 12 unique chairs designed by Koen Vanmechelen. A maximum of 12 pieces are produced of each chair. Multibull can only be purchased from Koen Vanmechelen’s workshop and Drisag Office Inspirators.

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