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Take a break 30 July 2018

The importance of a comfortable break

Your brain can do a lot. Definitely when you are working productively. So productively that you may even forgot to take a break. That’s not a good idea, because taking a break when you need it is essential. After all, your brain needs time to process everything. If you don’t take that much-needed break, you’re guaranteed to struggle.

A must for better productivity

Your daily breaks help you recover. They give your body the strength it needs to persevere a bit longer. A comfortable break gives your body the peace it needs. And that is far more important than you might think.

It actually makes you even more productive. After all, you can’t always be tense. Literally, because your body works according to a certain rhythm, with an average concentration span of 90 minutes at a time. And after those 90 minutes, you need some rest before you can start all over again. Needless to say, this also has an economic impact. If you don’t take enough breaks as an employee, you cannot unlock your full potential throughout the day.

And we must not forget that productivity goes hand in hand with creativity. A relaxing break from time to time allows you to work creatively from morning to evening. A break stimulates your thinking ability, allowing you to reach better solutions.

comfortabel pauzeren

And on top of that, a bit of relaxation also makes you happy. Plain and simple. From a nice lunch with your colleagues to a quiet moment all by yourself on a comfortable sofa, a well-deserved break pampers your body and soul. And it’s essential for your health too. Taking sufficient breaks lowers your stress levels and drastically reduces your chance of a burn-out.

Comfortable breaks for beginners

Good news! Taking a break is quite easy. The main thing to do is leave your workspace. Get away from your desk and computer. This is the place you associate with work and assignments. And logically, it’s not the best location to take a break. Changing your environment is a breath of fresh air for your soul.

So where should you go? Find a place where you can fully relax, away from your workspace. The only goal? To recharge your batteries! Think low-key colours your brain can easily focus on, soft lighting and comfortable chairs or sofas. A refreshing plant can also boost your morale.

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