Environment 18 February 2021

The circular story behind waiting bench Will

Drisag is also thinking about circularity. How can we reuse materials and build our products smarter? And how do we turn these circular products into stylish products, which in addition match our quality range? That is the challenge for our design department. Curious about the circular production model where we transform old tables into waiting benches? Read the whole circular story below.

The construction of waiting bench Will

Modularity and circularity are at the heart of our design department. This ensures that our design department reviews the construction of many products. They also make sure that all new products are assembled according to a circular production model. Prio, the extensive range of tables, was the first to be reviewed by our design department. Why? Because it is our best-selling range in the tables category. This gives enormous possibilities in the field of recuperation. Besides that, Prio is a very extensive and modular range. With Prio you can make endless combinations, a white desktop with black  table legs, a green desktop with blue table legs, a round or square desktop,…. In short, a very rewarding product to use in a circular way.

The desktops from the Prio range obviously cannot be reused as a visible top. Therefore we decided to upholster them. In addition, every Prio table is supported by a metal frame. The chance of reusing these frames for new tables is minimal, because there are so many different sizes. Why not just assemble these frames under the upholstered desktops? All that was missing now, for our circular product, were 4 matching table legs. And so our circular waiting bench Will was born.

By upholstering the waiting bench in a special way, we showcase our greatest asset, which is the handiwork in our fabric production. The all-Belgian production and the reclaimed material of the tables makes this bench sustainable and circular.

How many waiting benches can we assemble from one table? From the recycled material of one Prio table we can make two Will waiting benches. One bench consists of half a desktop and one of two metal frames found under a table. So from one old table we make two new products.

Why choose circularity?

But why should you buy a circular product now? Well, a circular product is built smarter. We reuse parts and this means that we also have to use less new raw materials. We recycle old products and this way we also produce less waste. We can conclude that with these products you are really doing your bit for the environment and society. And yet it looks and feels like a brand new bench. Talk about a win-win situation.

Looking for more circular or sustainable materials for your office? Get in touch with us. We produce a lot of ecological solutions. Something for everyone.

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