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Returning to the office

Some see returning to work as the beginning of liberation, others prefer to stay safely at home. Companies are looking for the golden mean. How do we integrate ‘the new way of working’ into the office of tomorrow? We are all facing a real challenge. We give you a little help with some practical tips.

1. There is no universal strategy

Nobody can look into the future, but we can all learn from the past. Office flexibility is becoming a must. Make sure your staff has enough freedom to work.
There is no obligation but there is an opportunity.
By creating alternative solutions, there is something for everyone. Think of concentration rooms, call rooms, stand-up workplaces, meeting rooms but also lounge areas and brainstorming rooms. Every employee has different needs. Time to think out of the box or in the box.


Kantoor met groene zetels

2. Blurring the line between working and living

A year and a half of working from home has an impact on your employees. Those sweatpants and cat on your lap were very comfortable. It’s quite an adjustment, that first time back at the office. Create a homely atmosphere and make your office a meeting place with a connecting function, reserved for creativity, collaboration, co-creation but also sometimes just to have fun.

Kantoor met zetels

3. Communicate in solutions

It is the moment to ask for feedback and to have a discussion with your staff. How do they see the new way of working? For example, some employees will have enjoyed working from home but others will prefer to work in the office. Listen, evaluate, be open and make plans for the future together. Take advantage of this crisis to take a close look at your current working environment. Think about the future and communicate in solutions and not in problems.


Bureaus met oranje

4. Safety remains a long-term priority

Stay up to date with the latest guidelines and play close to the ball. Make your workplace safe by shielding your staff from each other. You can take this literally. By using acoustic partition walls, your employees are not only safe but also calm. It is advisable to choose washable fabrics with antibacterial properties. However, partitions do not have to be boring. Our partitions are available in all colours and sizes. 🌈

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