Environment 22 June 2020

Recycled felt: a new life for plastic drinking bottles

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Drisag also takes environmentally conscious choices. In January we invested in an extension for our cutting machine. Now we can easily cut paper, cardboard and felt. Because of this innovation a lot of new doors opened. We started looking for a recyclable but also recycled raw material for our custom-made furniture. We decided on felt, made from PET bottles. Discover all the advantages of our new and sustainable choice of fabric in this text, but first we zoom in on the problem of plastic in our society.

Why is plastic a problem?

Keep a week’s worth of plastic waste with you, that mountain is immense. Every year some 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the sea. Many animals such as fish, birds and turtles, but also seals, whales and dolphins are affected. The plastic waste in the sea does not decay, but keeps breaking down into ever smaller pieces and eventually becomes microplastic. These small particles turn the ocean into an environmentally polluting plastic soup. What can you do? Buy consciously. What do we do? Making environmentally conscious choices in our raw materials. That’s how we came up with felt made out of PET bottles.

“If we don’t do something about the plastic soup, there will be more plastic than fish swimming in the sea
in terms of weight by 2050.”

– Plasticsoupfoundation.org

Recycled felt: pleasant for the eyes, ears and environment

The felt panels we use have many advantages. But the most important is that they are 100% recyclable and consist of at least 50% recycled drinking bottles. In this way, we do our bit and reduce the waste problem in the ocean. Moreover, these panels are porous. As a result, they improve the acoustics in every room. By opting for circular choices such as recycling and new environmentally friendly production methods, we increase our contribution to a better environment every single time.

“One felt panel contains 135 half-liter PET bottles or 102 plastic liter bottles. In other words, we permanently
extract 102 to 135 bottles from the ocean per felt panel”.

– Niek Renders (product development Drisag)

Discover all of our products made of recycled felt below & choose environmentally friendly office furniture.

Akoestische vilten panelen op gepoedercoat onderstel

Fading Shapes by Drisag Office Inspirators: blur all background noises and the sun


Vilten bureauscherm

Hub by Drisag Office Inspirators: work in your own hub

Fennel by Drisag Office Inspirators: Acoustic panels with relief drawings, perforations or 3D panels.


Flexible felt fence

Fency by Drisag Office Inspirators: Flexible Felt fence

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