Inspiration 15 September 2020

Put your employees at ease

More and more companies are extending their teleworking period. First there was talk of teleworking until the end of August, but now many multinationals such as Telenet, Twitter and Google are already talking about teleworking until the end of the year. This does not mean that everyone will be working from home fulltime. Offices are being adapted to support social cohesion and physical cooperation. Because, as you may have read in our previous blog post, this is one of the biggest pitfalls of long-term teleworking. But how do you ensure security at the office and make your employees feel safe? You can already do this by making small adjustments.          

1. Make it visual

People are creatures of habit, so the best way to make all the measures clear is to visually reinforce them. Can only 4 people be seated at a conference table? Then take away the remaining chairs. Have you turned this corridor into a one-way street? Place arrows.

2. Create safe workplaces

Because of the one and a half meter rule, some workplaces might disappear. How do you make sure everyone has a place on the work floor? Work with a reservation system, this way you make sure that everyone who travels to the office is sure of a place to work. Or make your workplace safe by fencing it off. And do take this literally, by using acoustic and plexiglass (polycarbonate) partitions everyone can sit in their usual spot. Take a look at 3 different partitions that we can deliver within 10 working days here: DeskDivider to seperate your desks, Partition screen to shield work or production places and Safe Sally to mount on existing or nes Deskscreens.

3. Open air meetings

In large companies, you can work with collaborative bubbles to hold meetings, they can collaborate or meet when necessary. Take a look at other locations as well to hold your meetings or brainstorm sessions. Don’t have a multifunctional space? Think about your lunch space. By organizing it creatively, this space can not only be used during the afternoon, but can become multi-purpose. Need inspiration? Read all about it in this realization. Or how about an open-air meeting? As long as the weather allows it, we can meet in the office garden or on the unused parking spots.

Do you want to make your work floor completely coronaproof? Talk to us.

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