Inspiration 4 December 2020

Office furnishing through the years

Drisag is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month. This means that we have been providing office furnishings since 1970. But since then, the way of working and the furniture have evolved enormously, from steel to wood to domestic furniture. In addition, technology has seen gigantic developments. For example, more and more and faster equipment ended up on our desks. Buckle up for the ride, because we are taking you back in time. To the year 1970 to be exact. The year in which seat belts became mandatory for the first time, Paul McCartney announced that The Beatles were breaking up and the BRT broadcasted a number of programs in color for the first time.

From colorful flower power to monotonous cubicles

Anyone who thinks of the seventies mainly thinks about flower power. And that was reflected in many office environments. The steel office furniture was lined up in an open-plan office. Office workers were given an increasing number of devices on their desks. The telephone made its revolutionary appearance.

Then came fax, in the eighties. It made it easier to forward contracts, letters and advertisements from a distance. Speed and efficiency were therefore two flourishing concepts in the business world. But the flower power colors disappeared in the workplace and had to make way for lots of browns and wooden desks. Moreover, the management wanted to make the difference in rank clear to their employees. And they did so with more luxurious furniture.

The nineties were characterized by the American trend ‘the cubicle’. Here, many employees were put next to each other in one large office space and were separated by acoustic walls. Acoustics thus became increasingly important. In addition to this American trend, we also saw more and more enclosed workspaces. Each employee or department worked in a closed room, each with their own computer. This allowed for sufficient moments of concentration throughout the day. The trend color at the time was gray, in all possible shades.

Corporate culture in the interior

The evolution continued and e-mail made its appearance, pushing faxes further and further into the background. The 2000s were characterized, in addition to the electronic event, by the return of landscape offices, or office gardens as they were called at the time.

But starting in 2010, the workplace was seen more as a meeting place. For young companies, this was the ideal way to differentiate themselves. They reflected the corporate culture in their interiors. Just think of playful elements like a colorful ball pit, energizing slide or sporty basketball court. Meetings no longer happen in a meeting room, but take place in flexible lounge areas. With or without a hammock.


The office as a second home and home working

Because of the coronavirus we know the shift to working from home. And here too there is a need for comfortable equipment. Having a sit-stand desk, ergonomic office chair and maybe even acoustic solutions are important agenda items with employers and employees.

We can’t see predict the future, but expect telecommuting or hybrid working to be here to stay. But what is also a notable trend is that the office is increasingly seen as a second home. Many companies choose homely colors and furniture that evokes the feeling of home.

Do you also want to be completely up-to-date with the latest trends and bring your corporate culture to life in your interior? Talk to us and who knows, in no time your employees will feel at home at work.

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