Tip 30 July 2018

Music at the office? Yes, please!

Music during working hours? Some might think it’s strange, while for others it’s the norm. But you know what? Music really does cheer you up. In traffic, during your workout, at parties and yes, even at work. So, switch on the radio!

How music boosts your performance

Do you listen to your favourite music at work? That has an impact on your body. When you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine. That is the ‘happiness hormone’. You could compare it to the feeling you get when you’ve finished a delicious meal, or when you are spending time with a loved one.

Subconsciously you will also feel safer and as a result, your brain will need to focus less on threats in your environment. That will free up more capacity for you to fully focus on your work. As such, music has a positive impact on your productivity. Working to the rhythm of music stimulates your problem-solving abilities. It allows you to be more creative and come up with better solutions.

Muziek op kantoor

What is the best music to play at the office?

Naturally, not just any type of music will do. It is important that you actually like the music and it does not distract you from what truly matters. Depending on the types of tasks you carry out, you could opt for a more upbeat song or a more relaxing tune.

Do you work in a warehouse? Or maybe you have a physically demanding job? Then dance music is definitely a good choice. As long as there is a good rhythm to it. Do you prefer hard rock? That is a great option too.

If you have an office job, however, calmer music would be a better fit. Choose music that is not too overwhelming and still allows you to focus on your work. So avoid high-pitched music and go for something mellow instead. Instrumental or classical music are a good idea, for example. Relaxing pop and rock music are also a great choice. The important thing is that you like to listen to it.

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