Working from home 12 April 2021

More collegiality at 1.5 metres

Do you not have a crucial profession? Then you have been obliged to work from home for more than a year.  With working from home as the norm, our social contacts have taken a huge hit. No less than 78% of the employees say that their social contacts at work have decreased during the corona crisis. The major consequence is the risk of becoming lonely and socially isolated. But fortunately, we are creative to boost our social contacts and counteract loneliness. Are you already on board? Below you will find 5 different ways to combat alienation with your colleagues and the company.

1. Don’t just talk to colleagues about work

Often you consider your colleagues as friends too. Meet up with that colleague/friend one-on-one. Don’t just talk about work, of course. But make an appointment to catch up on daily life, to talk about funny anecdotes about the children or just to get your heart open. By not talking about work-related subjects, you are changing your mind 100%.

2. Get in touch with your colleagues regularly: daily virtual coffee chat?

Do you also miss the spontaneous chats at the coffee machine? Unfortunately, we are forced to miss this chat at the coffee machine. So agree with your colleagues on a fixed moment every week to have a virtual coffee chat. Make use of free applications such as Zoom and Teams. Applications that everyone is undoubtedly familiar with, but also use them for contact outside of work. Be sure to turn on your camera during the virtual coffee chat. This promotes human interaction and personal contact. You will notice that it is much nicer to see each other than staring at a profile picture.

3. Look at what you can still do

Shift your focus and look at what is still possible. Like working from home in style. Clothing is also very important when working from home. To stay in your usual rhythm, it’s better to stick to your old habits. So don’t sit in front of your desk in your jogging clothes, but dress like you would go to the office. This will give you more self-confidence and your mood will improve. Ideal, right?

4. Don’t just stay in touch digitally

Do you find the distance talks not enough to vent and also want to get some fresh air? Then you can organise a walking session with one of your best friends. You can’t stop talking about this and that. You’ll have to rush back to work in time after that well-deserved break. You’ve put your mind at rest and are ready to go at it again for the full 100%!

5. Watch an episode of your favourite series during lunch

A crazy idea? Not at all! Watch your favourite series during lunch. You know these characters like the back of your hand and you feel incredibly involved in their lives. You feel completely relaxed. On top of that, while eating and watching your favourite series, a substance called dopamine is released. This makes you feel satisfied. In short, have lunch and watch an episode.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Thanks to innovative technology and the Internet, you have plenty of opportunities to make working from home a joy. But remember: you are not alone. The pandemic has the world in its grip, but there is something that will not go down: technology. Make it your friend and you will be connected to your real friends and workmates. Just hang in there.

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