Inspiration 13 January 2022

The interior design trends of 2022

Here we are again! A new year always comes with new trends. What’s the hottest thing according to Drisag and will soon be an essential part of the workplace? Check out the shortlist that our interior designers selected for you.

1. Soft shapes

An ongoing trend for several years has been the use of round and organic shapes. We see them coming back in all kinds and sizes from organic desks to round acoustic panels. The positive effect of these round shapes is that they break up straight and clean lines. This way they give your corporate interior a soft and friendly look.


2. Smart furniture

Hey Google, play radio.

Hey Siri, set timer.

At home we already know it. Many appliances are equipped with smart technology like the robot vacuum cleaner or the washing machine that you set with an app. The operation of our appliances and furniture are changing along with us. A trend that we therefore see in the workplace is smart furniture. Like a soft seating element in the reception area with built-in wireless charger. Or an electrically height-adjustable desk that indicates when it is time to stand up. It’s all possible and extremely popular.


3. Soft touch

A soft touch, what do we mean by this? Basically anything you can pet or cuddle. This can be reflected in very playful out-of-the-box items like our mascot dog Barry in super size. But it can also be very subtle through the use of certain fabrics and textures such as bouclé and velvet. Last but not least, here is a scoop: soon you will find curtains in our range. This gives an enormously high strokability factor and provides the home-feeling at the office.


4. Opulent versus serene

Actually, you can go either way this year. Whether you like tonal colors and neutral earth tones or rather a fan of flashy, poppy colors. Everything is possible! There is only one rule; stay true to your company values. Your corporate interior is a reflection of these values.


5. Sustainable statements

Sustainability is an established value at Drisag. Whether it is an environmentally conscious policy, circular economy or the origin of the products. Drisag is always committed to making the most sustainable choices. We also have new products in the pipeline where we attach great value to the reuse of materials. And this is only the beginning of our sustainable story.

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