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Ergonomics 14 February 2019

How an ergonomic workspace optimises your flow

Flow. The almost mythical condition where everything seemingly succeeds ‘out of nowhere’. All the concepts are correct, the accounts are in order, decisions are made… All of this without too much effort. An ergonomic workspace creates such a flow. The benefits are endless.

An ergonomic workspace

Ergonomics is one of the basic factors that enables such a flow. In order to achieve a good work flow, you need to eliminate as many obstacles as possible. Both physically and mentally.

Ergonomics creates the perfect balance between work processes, the physical work environment and the persons carrying out the job, putting their tasks central stage. What should happen and when? Which process should be used? Which movements must be made? All these factors create a work flow that guarantees an optimal performance for you and your team.

Ergonomics is also important from a mental point of view. People perform better when they feel at ease in their work environment. Consequently, a beautiful and well decorated office is not an expense but rather an investment in your corporate processes.

Ergonomisch werken

How comfortably do you sit at the office? The importance of physical ergonomics.

A good office chair is a must for a healthy, sensible posture at work. An office chair provides excellent support to the back and pelvis, and prevents a range of symptoms based on the principle of ‘sitting while moving’.

The way your workspace is set up and decorated also has a great impact on your comfort and health. Often all you need is just a few simple changes, such as adapting your seating height and the distance from your screen, and correctly positioning your desk. 

How well do you feel? The importance of mental ergonomics

Humans are emotional creatures. And emotions are easily influenced. Many studies have been conducted into the impact of the work environment on staff performance. The general conclusion? A pleasant and work-oriented environment results in much better performance.

Ergonomisch werken

But what exactly makes for a pleasant work environment? What does it look like? People need to see their basic needs met in order to free up mental capacity for creative work processes. Therefore, you need a comfortably warm, well lit work place that smells nice. A place where you feel good.

An efficient office is not just pleasant, it also allows you to focus on the work ahead. It should entice you to carry out your daily tasks. Needless to say, there is no one-size-fits-all model. A bench table may be the perfect solution for your marketing department, but not for the payroll team. You should adapt the work environment to your type of company.

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